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Workstation - First Jobshout Job board

Here are some recent statistics for monthly traffic to the Workstation site
(August 20th - September

71,329 page views
8867 visits
7,024 unique visitors
Av. 10.15 pages viewed per visitor
Over 70% are new visitors
81% from the UK
3637 (51.7%) came from web searches, and 3249 of those found jobs when searching.


“We’ve had a job board for ages”, says Workstation CEO Steve Gibson, “but it just didn’t work. So we decided to do the job using Jobshout. That’s how Jobshout began.”

Like so many recruitment sites, the Workstation site had a back-end database of jobs that prospective applicants could search, but it just wasn’t search engine friendly. And it certainly did not make the most of all the opportunities that recruitment companies have to do really well on the web.

“We figured that if other companies could do well on the web, then so could we”, says Gibson. “After all, search engines love content and that’s one thing that recruitment companies have in abundance. Especially those job specs. Lots of lovely searchable, findable, relevant content that could and should be bringing plenty of applicants to your site.”

So the old Access database bit the dust and in came Jobshout. Now all that content was going to be found by search engine "spiders" as they crawled around the web. And when they found it, they would find that it was all optimized to seem as attractive, focussed and relevant as possible. End result—rankings!

From being nowhere in a Google search, Workstation jobs shot up the rankings. Now it is by no means unusual to post a job on Jobshout one day and see in the top three or four entries on Google the next day.

“The only problem”, says Gibson, “is that all the other top-ranking pages are major job boards. People see us there and ring up wanting to go on our site.

"But what a problem!”